Tom's stories have appeared in over 90 magazines and anthologies

"A Passing Acquaintance," The Duck & Herring Pocket Field Guide, Winter, 2005

"Hot Flash," Staccato Magazine, Summer 2006

"Left in Right Field," The Duck & Herring Pocket Field Guide, Summer, 2006

"The Adequate Woman Takes to the Trees," The Apalachee Review, Summer 2006

"Five Places You Must Visit After You Die," Book of Dead Things, April 2007

"Good Girl, Bad Rep," Steel City Review Anthology #1, Fall 2007

"Call Me Mr. Positive," Intergalactic Medicine Show print anthology, Tor, August, 2008

(This story was called "brilliantly sardonic" by Publisher's Weekly)

"Honeymoon at the Pearly Gate," Desolate Places anthology, Spring 2008

"I'll Hate Me Bye and Bye," Hard-boiled Horror anthology, Spring 2008

"Give Me Your Nightmare," Sand

"Schadenfreude," Coach's Midnight Diner, Summer 2009

"Excavation," Redivider, Spring 2010

"Take It Like A Man," Ghost Anthology, Drollerie Press, Fall 2010

"I Regret I Must Eat You Now," Encounters Magazine, 2010

"Luck of the Harvest," Crossed Genres #22, Fall 2010 and Best Of Crossed Genre #2 anthology, Feb. 2011

"Brothers and Sisters," Best New Writers 2011 anthology, 2011

"Out On a Limb," Therefore I Am, Digital Science Fiction anthology, 2011

"Lune De Meil A Las Porte Du Paradis" ("Honeymoon at the Pearly Gates") Galaxie Science Fiction (French) November, 2011

"Smothered and Covered," Needle: A Magazine of Noir, Spring 2012

"Goat Rodeo," William and Mary Review, Spring 2012

"Safety in Numbers," Battlespace Anthology, Summer 2012

"The Perpetual Pill," I'll Never Go Away Anthology #2, Winter 2012

"Snowman," Vector Press, 2013

"The Pissing Man," Thrice Fiction, Spring 2013

"Smothered and Covered," Best American Mystery Stories, Winter 2013-14

Novel, "I'll Meet You Yesterday," Bundoran Press, Fall 2013

Short Story Collection, "Welcome to the Goat Rodeo," PageSpring Press, Fall 2013

(Long-listed for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Collection Award)

"One Heart, So Many Oreos," Cosmic Vegetable, December 2013

"Family of Man," Contact: Stories of the New World, December 2013

"The King of Flotsamland," Amok anthology, Spring 2014

"Vintage Mark," Pulp Modern, Summer 2014

"This Might Hurt a Bit," Pure Fantasy and Sci Fi, Summer 2014

"Slice," Plan B Ominibus, Fall 2014

"Heirloom," Floyd County Moonshine, Spring 2015

"No Loose Ends," Dames and Sin Anthology, Spring 2016

"Empathy," Stories of the Near Future Anthology, Spring 2016

"Tornado," The Neighbors Anthology, January 2017

"Second-hand Monkey," Best Ohio Short Stories 2 Anthology, 2017

"The Anvil," The Sonder Review, Summer 2017

"Death Is Not the Worst Thing," Enter The Rebirth Anthology, Winter 2017-8

"Selfie," Red Room Magazine, Summer 2017

"Drop the Rhino," Bards and Sages Quarterly October 2017

"Chemo Queen," Switchblade Magazine Issue 5 April 2018

"Jigsaw," Broadswords and Blasters, October 2018

"The Bargain," Switchblade Magazine, Issue 6, Summer 2018

"Scout's Honor," Forklift Ohio,  Fall 2018

Somonka with Diane Kendig, They Said Anthology, Summer 2018

"The Forsaken Wall," Alternative Theology anthology, Fall 2018

"Hic," Knucklehead Noir, Spring 2019

"The Discovered Country," Suspicious Activities, Winter 2018

"PIlgrims of the Milky Way," Space Opera Libretti, Summer 2019

"Honor Guard," Columbus Noir, Spring 2020

"Heirloom," Best Laid Plans anthology, Summer 2019

"Love in the Time of Silicone," Pulp Modern, October 2019

"Blood wil have Blood," K Zine, Spring 2020

"Pesticide," Tidbits Anthology, Winter 2019

"The Gift," Mystery Tribune, 2020


"The Writing Life," Hobart, December 2005

"A Slave to His Possessions," Hiss Quarterly, June 2006

"Cast of Characters," Defenestration Magazine, May 2006

"Killing Myself Has Changed My Life," Afterburn SF, July 2006

"Your Friend On the Outside," Thieves Jargon, July 13th, 2006

"Call Me Mr. Positive," Intergalactic Medicine Show, February, 2007

"My Daughter of Many Colours," Coyote Wild, Spring 2007

 (Named as a Notable Story for 2007 by the Million Writers Award)

"Good Girl, Bad Rep," Steel City Review, Summer/Fall 2007

(Nominated for the 2007 Million Writers Award)

"Cats Discover Text Messaging," Temenos Magazine, Spring 2008

"Assassin," Fiction at Work, September 22, 2008

"Chicken Soup for the Sadomasochist," 3:AM Magazine, January 2009

"Luck Of the Harvest," Crossed Genres #22, September 2010

"Out On a Limb," Digital Science Fiction, July 2011

"Not All Love Smells Like Roses," Anomalous Press, 2011

"Jester," Penduline Press, Summer 2012 

"Cash," Heater Magazine, March 2013

"Clutter Coach," SQ Magazine, Spring 2014

"Hic," Plots With Guns, Winter 2013-14

"Slice," Plan B Magazine Volume III, March 2014

"The Universal Liar's Club of Storm Lake, Iowa," Common Oddities, March 2014

"Palm Trees," Fifty-Word Stories, May 1, 2014

"Disappointment," Fifty-Word Stories, July 23, 2014

"Buzz," Olentangy Review, September 2014

"I've Known You for a Thousand Years," Nebula Rift, November 2014

"Sisyphus at Twelve," Kzine Magazine Issue 12, May 2015

"Another Man's Treasure," Beyond Science Fiction, July 2015

"Remember Me," Siren Literary Magazine, July 2015

"Vigilante," Heater Magazine, August 2015

"Even Steven," EXPOUND Magazine, September 2015

"Honor Among Thieves," Mysterical-E Magazine, August 2015

"The Youngstown Tune-up,", Mystery Weekly, Februrary 2016

"The Jackpot," Thuglit Magazine Issue 22, March 2016

"The Art of Addition by Subtraction," Ekphrastic Magazine, March 2016

"Sweet Dreams" Perihelion SF, April 2017

"The Timid Librarian," Manslaughter Review, July 2017

"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Dead Fish," Tough Magazine, October 2017

"Leave the World a Better Place," Tough Magazine, May 2018

'Fire," Yellow Mama, April 2019

"Desert Justice," Tough Magazine, early 2019


"If All Time is Simultaneous," Stoneboat Literary Journal, Fall 2019

"Predator," Your Daily Poem, Aug 29, 2019

"In Memorium, D.F.W." Common Threads, 2019 


"The Hard Way," Well Told Tales, June 15, 2007

"Give Me Your Nightmares," Cast Macabre, Fall 2010


Three Thurberesque Tales, winner of the 2006 Thurber House Summer Treats contest

"Three Toad Sloth," winner of the 2008 Thurber House Summer Treats contest


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