I was raised in a dying steel town and educated in the crucible of the boomer rebellion. For the next decade I labored in the industrial world (how many people have a B.A. and trade papers?) After a stint as a jeweler, I created and directed one of the nation's largest week long bicycle tours, the 3,000-rider Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure. Ten years later, I moved on to the 270,000-member American Motorcyclist Association as Membership Development Director.

In 2004, I gave up that gig to pursue writing. Since then, I've sold over eighty short stories and a novel and written hundreds of posts for various blog sites including DailyFinance.com, Forbes.com and Dealnews.com.

I've also written magazine articles, ad copy, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, manuals, speeches, and scripts, and continue to welcome freelance writing opportunities (hint  hint).


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